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Half-Life 2 has received a new fully voice-acted content mod, as Entropy: Zero 2 is the sequel to the highly-regarded Entropy: Zero mod released in 2017.

The original Entropy: Zero tells the story of Aiden Walker, a metrocop working for the Combine. In that mod, Walker’s transport train crashes and kills everyone on board except himself. To make matters worse, Walker is stranded in City 10, a location abandoned by the Combine due to an epidemic.

Entropy: Zero 2 continues Walker’s story, this time he’s become a member of the Overwatch Elite. Walker has been assigned to track down leading Resistance member Judith Mossman, a character Half-Life players will be very familiar with. Mossman is searching for the disappeared ship Borealis which is set to have a big role in the future of the series, judging by the few Half-Life 3 teasers that exist.

Developer Breadman revealed the release on their Twitter, sharing that the development of Entropy: Zero 2 took “five long years.” The mod boasts an impressive feature list, including overhauled combat, overhauled enemy AI, a full voice cast and a new squad command system which will allow the player to control their Combine underlings. Entropy: Zero 2’s campaign is seven chapters long and has multiple endings depending on player choices.

Since its release on August 20, the mod has been well-received on Steam. Over 260 players have categorised their review as “very positive” since yesterday. Common praise includes the newly added weapons, the soundtrack and the combat setpieces. According to players, Entropy: Zero 2 takes about three to five hours to complete.

Entropy: Zero 2 is available to install for free on Steam.

In other news, Sega is adapting Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone to film.

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