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The second season of Halo Infinite, called Lone Wolves, has been announced via a short trailer – check it out below.

The 30-second clip confirms that season two will go live May 3 and comes with the tagline “join the hunt.”

A description for the video reads: “Lone Wolves, gear up for season two of Halo Infinite! Experience fresh content including new maps, modes, themed limited-time events, and an all-new Battle Pass that never expires.” Watch the video below:

There will be one new arena map called Catalyst, and one new Big Team Battle Map named Breaker in Lone Wolves. Earlier this month, 343 Industries confirmed that Jeff Steitzer – the multiplayer announcer since the first Halo – is coming to Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode with the launch of season two.

Halo Infinite is also adding a Last Spartan Standing mode, a FFA elimination mode, and a new mode called Land Grab. King of the Hill is also returning and has been “updated” for season two. 343 also announced ongoing plans to work on cross-core armor customisation.

According to a blogpost last month, 343 Industries said it is hoping to launch Halo Infinites campaign co-op some time during season two but it will not be at the beginning, like they originally suggested. Forge mode is still planned for season three or beyond.

In other news, the latest song from the Trek To Yomi soundtrack is available to listen to exclusively on NMEcheck out ‘Dancing Blades’ here.

Discussing the track, creator Cody Matthew Johnson said: “Featuring a chaotic blurry whirlwind of the idiomatic Japanese instruments shamisen, biwa, and taiko drums, ‘Dancing Blades’ puts the listener in the racing heart of Trek To Yomi’s fast paced action. The shamisen and taiko drums dance between their own separate, but complimentary, tempos and time signatures to amp up the thrill of the action.”

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