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Halsey has taken to Twitter to share fledgling plans to release a series of vibe-specific vinyl made up of released material and previously unheard demos.

“One day I wanna press vinyls that are songs from my catalogue based on mood and vibe no matter what LP they were a part of,” she said before giving a handful of examples.

Heavier tracks like ‘Gasoline’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Killing Boy’, ‘Easier Than Lying’, ‘The Lighthouse’, and ‘Experiment On Me’ would feature on one, while the likes of ‘Darling’, ‘929’, ‘100 Letters’, ‘Forever is a Long Time’, ‘Finally // Beautiful Stranger’, ‘Is There Somewhere’ would make up anther.

Another could see ‘Girl is a Gun’, ‘Bad at Love’, ‘Honey’, ‘Alanis’, ‘I Hate Everybody’, ‘Colors’ and ‘Graveyard’ making up a third, according to Halsey. “Think of the MATERIAL,” she tweeted.

Then, responding to a fan’s question about the possibility of unheard music, they added” “Ooooh good idea. The demos that never found a home included too…”

After the release of ‘Manic’, Halsey did something similar by breaking the record up into three style-specific playlists on Spotify: ‘Confessional’, ’Is She Like, You Know…’, ‘…Or Are You Normal?’.

Halsey recently released their new album ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’. Produced by Nine Inch Nail‘s Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, they’ve spoken about the weird choices Reznor and Ross made.

“They wanted to know if I was willing to take the risk, and I was. I was willing to take the risk, and I also felt like I had earned it at that point to be able to. I feel like every artist on their fourth, fifth, whatever album, especially pop artists, are always like, ‘I really want to do something experimental.’”

Those experiments were recently praised by Taylor Swift.

“I’m blown away by Halsey’s artistry and commitment to taking risks,” Swift tweeted. “Giving us all a brave new era to dive into and explore together.”


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