Hannah Waddingham at the Olivier Awards 2024

Hannah Waddingham has told off a photographer who appeared to ask her to show her leg on a red carpet.

The Ted Lasso star was arriving at the Olivier Awards in London last night (April 14) – which she was hosting – when she overheard the request.

In footage shared on social media, the photographer’s words are unheard, but Waddingham tells them in response: “Oh my God, you’d never say that to a man, my friend.

“Don’t be a dick, otherwise I’ll move off,” she adds. “Don’t say ‘show me your leg.’ No.”

The star has since received huge praise on social media for calling the behaviour out, one person writing on Twitter/X: “This woman is a role model. Always, always call pricks out on their bullshit.”

“Yes yes yes to Hannah Waddingham taking down misogynistic idiots one at a time,” another wrote, while a third said: “We need more Hannah Waddingham’s in this world, what a role model.”

“Yet again, Hannah Waddingham showing what an absolute goddess she is,” a fourth wrote.

Waddingham is perhaps best known for playing Rebecca Welton in Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, and before that appeared in Game Of Thrones.

Earlier this month, the star revealed that her role as Septa Unella in the latter HBO fantasy series gave her “chronic claustrophobia” after a scene that saw her waterboarded “for 10 hours”.

“I have talked about it since with David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the two exec producers on it, I was like, ‘Good job it’s for them because it was horrific’,” she told The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “[I had] 10 hours of being actually waterboarded, like actually waterboarded.”

Waddingham went on to praise the show, saying: “The reason why I don’t believe [Game Of Thrones] is touched yet in terms of the cinematography of it for a series, it’s just a different level. But with that comes actual waterboarding.”

Meanwhile, the star admitted last year that she has “no time” for critics of Tom Cruise after working with the actor on Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning.

“He is without doubt one of the loveliest and encouraging, positive and inspiring human beings I have ever met,” she told James Martin’s Saturday Morning. “Isn’t he gorgeous? I have no time for anyone saying anything about him.”

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