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Hard-Fi have teased a mysterious date just months after wrapping up their first reunion tour in over a decade.

The Staines indie-rock band announced a series of sporadic reunion shows in 2022, where their tour celebrating 15 years of ‘Stars of CCTV’ sold out in just 10 minutes. They would later announce their first full UK tour in 11 years in May last year, going on to play London, Liverpoo, Sheffield and more in October.

Now, it appears the band may have more surprises up their sleeve. Hard-Fi took to social media to post a cryptic photo of a date on a blaring yellow background. “Don’t go making plans”, the post reads, “20.05.24”.

The band teased they were writing new material when they spoke to NME last year – it’s possible this could be the sign of forthcoming music.

When we spoke to frontman Richard Archer, he said new Hard-Fi material was “all over the place”, adding: “There’s some ideas I’ve had sat for a while now that I keep thinking I’m gonna do something with, and then other new stuff. It’s still early doors, but we’re just trying to try to work out what it is that Hard-Fi wants to say now.

“‘Stars of CCTV’ seems more relevant now than it did back in 2005, almost. A lot of the subjects are more prescient now perhaps, so, it’s just trying to figure out what is it we want to say, and sonically what do we want to be doing? We’re trying lots of different things out to see what resonates.”

He also spoke about whether the band would keep their noughties sound, continuing: “There’s always going to be certain things that sound like us, so there will always be elements of that. But it’d be interesting to just try different stuff. Often you’ll do something and you’ll go, ‘That doesn’t sound like a Hard-Fi song’ and it become something else, and sometimes you’ll do something that’s like, ‘That’s not what I’d expect a Hard-Fi record to be but it seems to fit somehow’.

“So it’s just a little bit of experimenting, trying different things and seeing what fits. We’ve just been working on this track the last couple of days in between rehearsing the set and stuff and I’ve always loved synths. My first love was The Human League, so there’s a few more synths on it. Has that fit? It seems to work.”

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