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Update 0.5.0 has arrived for Hardspace: Shipbreaker, and with it comes updates, fixes and a new element to the game, radiation.

Developer Blackbird Interactive said in the ‘Pretty Rad Update’ that radiation will create “spatial challenges” via changing circumstances. For example, radiation filters can be encountered in ships with a Hazard level of six or above, and players start seeing them at certification rank nine in the campaign.

They said: “Radiation filters appear in wall-sized containment units and can be extracted from the ship’s interior or the crawl space. However, filters are extremely fragile; even small bumps and damage can cause them to drop a cloud of radioactive particulate, which damages organic matter and electronics upon contact.”

Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Credit: Blackbird Interactive
Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Credit: Blackbird Interactive

Fire and heat make the radiation clouds more dangerous for a brief period and they can be neutralised with coolant, otherwise they will “dissipate naturally over a very long period of time”.

Update 0.5.0 also aims to fully unify the games user interface (UI) after the last update, so now the HAB screens are unified in terms of design. Future updates will apparently also integrate these screens into the 3D HAB scene down the line.

Among the updates on PC are plenty of minor fixes, with Blackbird Interactive making particular note of how the game shouldn’t crash when throwing ‘large, complex salvage’ into a ships furnace.

In other news, new Steam restrictions mean buying games from other regions is now even more difficult. SteamDB has found that users on the platform can now only change their home region once every three months, along with the requirement of a native payment method to the region as well.

Steam does offer different prices for different regions on some titles, and this change is the latest in a line of Valve trying to stop players from getting games at a cheaper price. Last July they added the limitation that purchases require a payment method from that region.


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