House Of The Dragon

House Of The Dragon is set to continue filming in the UK this summer, despite the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike.

As reported by Variety, the second season of the HBO series is expected to proceed with production as planned. The cast of the Game Of Thrones spin-off is primarily composed of British actors working under Equity contracts, rather than SAG-AFTRA. According to the outlet, Equity members aren’t legally allowed to strike in solidarity with the US union.

Shortly before SAG-AFTRA joined the ongoing writers strike, Equity shared its actors strike guidance with members on Thursday (July 13). It stated that the British acting union will “stand in unwavering solidarity” with the Hollywood trade union, but that Equity members are still required to “report to work” as they are prohibited from legally calling a strike in support of SAG-AFTRA.

“Because of existing anti-trade union laws in the UK, SAG-AFTRA members currently working under an Equity UK collective bargaining agreement should continue to report to work,” the statement read. “A performer joining the strike (or refusing to cross a picket line) in the UK will have no protection against being dismissed or sued for breach of contract by the producer or the engager.

“Likewise, if Equity encourages anyone to join the strike or not cross a picket line, Equity itself will be acting unlawfully and hence liable for damages or an injunction,” the union said.

‘House Of The Dragon’. CREDIT: HBO

Despite HBO being a US-based production company, House of the Dragon actors who are SAG-AFTRA members but working in the UK under an Equity are still required to report to work.

Following the news that production will continue as normal, many fans took to social media to criticise the decision to commence filming amid the strike.

“I am sorry but no morals, idgaf about your local union rules,” tweeted one person, while another wrote: “Be pretty cool if they didn’t [film] out of solidarity.”

House Of The Dragon season two is scheduled to premiere in 2024, with an exact release date yet to be confirmed.

In a four-star review of the first season, NME wrote: House Of The Dragon feels as though it is walking on solid ground: the bubbling rivalries, the jostling for power, the eruptions of violence; it is all coming together to create a rich stew.

“Some of the acting is wooden, and not up to the standard of vintage Thrones – perhaps because the main series used up literally all of the actors in Britain – but it is a relief to see a prequel that seems to know what it’s doing. A decent watch for fans and neutrals alike.”

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