Numerous major gaming online services and well-known websites suffered an internet outage today, causing PlayStation, Xbox and more issues.

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According to dozens of reports making their way across the web, various online services dropped offline including the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam. NME has confirmed the former two. Unsurprisingly, many users have shared their annoyance at not being able to access these services.

Anyone that logs onto the PS system for instance is presented with the message: “Services are busy right now. We’ll be back soon.” The issue looks to have stemmed from Akamai Technologies, with the DNS provider stating that it has experienced a “service disruption”.

The issues have been ongoing since around 17:45 UK Time, however, now slowly seem to be coming back online.

Sony infamously experienced a PSN outage in 2011 that lasted for 23 days, with an estimated 77 million accounts compromised. No official word has come from both Sony or Microsoft at the time of writing regarding the cause, though this will likely start to surface soon. Though the official PlayStation Network site confirms everything is back up and running.

Not great news for Fortnite fans either, with Epic Games today revealing that the company has teamed up with Ferrari to add its latest and greatest car to the battle royale.

Meanwhile, Sony Interact Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently stated in an interview that the best games are the ones that players remember the most.

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