Damian Lewis was the lead in 'Billions' for five seasons as Bobby Axelrod

Billions has missed its leading man since Bobby Axelrod jetted off on his uber-expensive jet to a non-extradition country, but will he make a comeback in season seven?

Damian Lewis (HomelandBand Of Brothers, and Wolf Hall) was noticeably absent from the sixth season of the show he’d helmed since 2016. However, his departure in season six the Sky Atlantic/Paramount+ show let Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades Jr. and Corey Stoll’s Mike Prince take the limelight.

That said, there seemed to be a hole left by Lewis that was seemingly impossible to fill. Especially given as a return was never ruled out completely by the show’s creators.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly ahead of the season six premier in 2021, Executive Producer Brian Koppleman teasingly said:”The goodbyes on Billions and the hellos on Billions are never permanent; nothing is etched in stone.”

Is Bobby Axelrod coming back for Billions season 7?

Damian Lewis in the 'Billions' season 7 cast shot
Damian Lewis will return to the ‘Billions’ fold as Bobby. CREDIT: Sky

Lewis put Billions on the map with his performance as the roguish and ruthless Axelrod. But, following the death of his wife Helen McCrory in April 2021, Lewis announced his departure from the show.

At the time, he tweeted that it was “a pleasure and a privilege to play Axe for 5 seasons”. See his full goodbye to the show in the tweet below.


That said, it seemed as if his return was never completely ruled out. However, following comments from the production team ahead of season six’s premier Lewis came out and announced he would make a return to show while on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier this year.

“Axe is back and it is exciting,” he told Colbert. “He has not been around for a couple of seasons but he is back.”

According to USA Today Lewis makes his return as Axelrod despite the overwhelming legal problems he faced in season five.

Indeed, what he’s been up to while he’s been on the run will be explored in later episodes – with his role increasing through to the US finale of the show on October 27.

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