Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis recently referred to herself as a “nepo baby” in a speech at the SAG Awards.

The actor, the daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, nodded to recent online discourse about the children of famous celebrities and the privileges they may have received.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the ceremony began with several celebrities giving monologues to introduce themselves, with Curtis using her time to reflect on the first television show she worked on.

“I signed a seven-year contract to Universal Studios and starred in an ABC TV series called Operation Petticoat,” she said. “Which was based on a movie that my father, Tony Curtis (nepo baby) starred in.”

“I was fired from that TV show, a year later, and I thought my life was over,” she added.

“If I hadn’t been fired from Operation Petticoat, I would have never had the opportunity to audition for a little tiny, no-budget horror movie called Halloween.”

In her acceptance speech for her performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once, Jamie Lee Curtis went on: “I’m wearing the wedding ring that my father gave my mother. My father was from Hungary and my mother was from Denmark and they had nothing. And they became these monstrous stars in this industry they love so much.

”I know you look at me and think nepo baby, and I totally get it! But the truth of the matter is I’m 64 years old and this is just amazing!”

Mark Wahlberg was criticised on social media for presenting the cast of Everything Everywhere All At Once with their ensemble award, in light of his history of hate crimes.

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