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John Washington David, Robert Pattinson, Tenet

John David Washington has responded to a viral fan theory about Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Tenet.

Since the film’s release earlier last month (August 26), fans have been speculating online about Robert Pattinson’s character, Neil.

In a new interview, Washington – who plays Protagonist in the movie – commented on one theory that hypothesised about Neil’s identity. The star said he liked one he’d seen that suggested Pattinson’s character is actually Max, the son of Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) and Sator (Kenneth Branagh).

“I saw that one the other day – I like that!” he told Esquire. “I don’t know if it’s true or not.” He added that the true identity of Neil would likely not be revealed until a second Tenet movie was made.

Tenet review
Robert Pattinson stars alongside John David Washington. Credit: Warner Bros.

“You gotta ask Chris [Nolan], but if there’s another [movie] and they introduce that, that would be a lot of fun,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

In a previous interview, Washington said he was “still kind of grasping” what happens in the film. The time-travelling epic features many complex plot twists.

“I mean, literally on the first read, I thought I understood it, strangely,” the actor explained. “In my delirium, I thought I totally had, and I realised as the day went on, ‘Ah, I don’t have it at all.’ But to answer your question directly, I’m still kind of grasping it…”

NME gave Tenet five stars out of five upon its release. “Though it’s sometimes hamstrung by clumsy dialogue – a necessary evil, perhaps, given how much Nolan needs to explain – Tenet is rarely less than thrilling to watch,” the review read.

“It’s a challenging, ambitious and genuinely original film packed with compelling performances – Washington and Debicki are especially excellent – which confirms Nolan as the master of the cerebral blockbuster.”

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