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Lawman of the future Judge Dredd is coming to Call of Duty: Warzone, the game’s official Twitter account has teased.

The Call of Duty feed tweeted out an image of four close-ups of Dredd’s iconic uniform, highlighting his shoulder pauldrons, a gloved hand clasping a Lawgiver gun and the Justice Department badge.

The tweet was accompanied by the ominous phrase “a new order is about to rise in Verdansk”, along with hashtags hinting at both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

This seems very much the first step of a longer hype campaign, with no information yet provided on whether Dredd will appear as a playable character in the game or simply that his gear will be unlockable in the game. Neither is there any indication of when Dredd will appear in the game, in any form.

However, Rebellion – the UK publisher that owns the Judge Dredd character along with classic sci-fi anthology comic 2000AD where Dredd first appeared in 1977 – got in on the reveal, coyly adding, “Who could it possibly be…? We’ll let you be the judge” in reply.

Whether as an actual character or just cosmetic items to allow players to virtual role-play him, Dredd and his world fit fairly well for a Warzone appearance. Created by writer John Wagner, artist Carlos Ezquerra, and editor Pat Mills, Dredd exists in a dystopian future where humanity is clustered into high-density Mega Cities in the wake of the Atomic Wars. The Judges administer brutal justice on the streets, arresting, sentencing, and sometimes executing “perps” with near-total impunity. They’re also heavily armed, lending themselves well to the high-tension battle royale matches of Warzone.

Whatever form Judge Dredd arrives in the game, he won’t be the first crossover character to do so. In May 2021, Warzone hosted an “’80s Action Heroes” event, which saw Rambo and Die Hard’s John McClane appearing as Operators.

In other news, Sony has revealed October 2021’s selection of PlayStation Plus games, while Overwatch 2 may see the light of day far sooner than expected.

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