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K-pop group A.C.E’s YouTube channel has been hacked and deleted.

On April 10, the quintet’s YouTube channel was seized by hackers, who went on to delete several of the group’s videos and upload their own videos before it was later deleted. According to fans who watched the takeover unfold, the hackers had uploaded content relating to cryptocurrency and Elon Musk.

“Today, the account linked to A.C.E’s official YouTube channel and BEAT’s official YouTube channel was hacked, and all of the log-in tools (secondary email address, recovery phone number, two-step verification backup code, etc.) have been changed,” wrote BEAT Interactive in a statement, as translated by Soompi.

“After the hacking, unconfirmed videos were uploaded to the channel, and the account was later deleted,” added the agency. “At the moment, we have made inquiries to YouTube and Google regarding this hacking issue.”

The agency added that it would make another announcement after hearing back from the above, and apologised to fans for the inconvenience caused.

SUPER JUNIOR’s Siwon had been the victim of similar incident just days prior, with the star tweeting a screenshot of his channel after it was hacked. “My YouTube channel was hacked this morning. Of course, it was quickly restored to its original state,” he wrote. “How did this happen…”

In late 2021, A.C.E’s leader Jun gained attention following his role in the Korean BL (Boy’s Love) web drama Tinted With You. The idol later shared in an interview that he hoped the BL genre would help “break down prejudices and create a more equal world for all”, while noting the significance of a K-pop idol being cast in such a series.

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