Kate Nash has opened up about the future of GLOW following its sudden cancellation last year.

The singer/actress and her co-stars were part of the way into filming the Netflix series’ fourth and final season during the first COVID lockdown when the show was axed.

However, speaking to NME, Nash mused that they could still come back in some form, noting the example of Frasier being revived many years later.

“I can’t tell you anything hopeful,” she admitted. “I have a feeling… Frasier‘s coming back, so it’s never completely the end these days.

“I feel like when we’re in our 50s and 60s there will be a GLOW movie. They’ll be like, ‘Put your leotards on, ladies’ and we’ll be slammed and broken in the ring again, apart from Alison Brie who will still be perfect and incredible like a machine.”

Glow Netflix
‘GLOW’ season three is now the final instalment of the popular Netflix series. Credit: Netflix

Nash went on to admit the cancellation was “devastating”, saying she “felt a bit numb at the time because it was one of those moments where it was hard to give yourself the feelings because everyone was going through so much”.

Revealing how much notice they were given, the star recalled: “I think we were actually told it wasn’t going to go public until a certain date and then it was an hour after. We were like, ‘NO!’

“It’s like when you break up with someone and you have an agreement about how you’re going to handle it and they just post that they’re single and change their Facebook status update.”

Kate Nash
Kate Nash CREDIT: Mike Lewis Photography/Redferns

She added of the fourth season’s progress: “We were really sad. We had scripts, we had started shooting, we were shooting episode two.”

Nash went on to call GLOW “one of the most exquisite experiences of my life”, reflecting: “That show meant so much to so many of us. To be in a show which was such a collaboration of freakish women, of misfits trying to make it happen, I just love that story.

“Working with those women saved me. My confidence was in the gutter after everything I’d been through with music and it was reinstalled in a wrestling ring, I can never recreate it, I can never replace that. That was one of the best, golden, most exquisite experiences of my life.”

Nash also revealed that she was going to have a mermaid costume in season four, adding of her disappointment that it was cancelled: “I was so excited and I’m so heartbroken.

“Like a lot of people, I lost my job, and that really sucked. You have to let yourself feel the feelings and try to move on. Maybe I’ll just become a wrestler?”

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