Kelly Osbourne, the 37-year-old daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, says that she is "deeply in love" with her boyfriend, Sidney George Wilson, better known as the mask-wearing turntablist for heavy metal group SLIPKNOT. Earlier today (Monday, February 14), Kelly shared several photos on Instagram of her and Wilson, and she captioned the post: "After 23 years of friendship I can't believe where we have ended up! You are my best friend, my soulmate and I am so deeply in love with you Sidney George Wilson." Last month, a source told People that Osbourne and Wilson, who is eight years her senior, recently took their relationship to the next level after more than two decades of knowing each other. "Kelly and Sid met when his band was touring with Ozzfest in 1999," said the source, referring to the music festival founded by her parents. "They have remained friends since. They are very happy together." In late January, Osbourne revealed that she carries around a big pillow of Wilson when she travels. Kelly shared a photo on Instagram Story of herself posing with a large, screen-printed pillow of Wilson's face, and she captioned it: "Everywhere I go I take my baby with me." She also shared a quote on her Story, tagging Wilson on the slide. "&& so there's this boy, And the way he laughs makes me smile, And the way he talks gives me butterflies, And everything about him, makes me happy," the quote read. In a 2018 interview with PureGrainAudio, Wilson spoke about his evolution into a turntablist. He said: "My grandma had a piano or keyboard in her house. She would play church songs and stuff like that. I would tinker around on that when I was younger, and she bought me a couple keyboards. One of them had lights on the keys that would light up when you were supposed to hit the keys. I had a bunch of cards that you would put in the keyboards that had all these classical songs, so I kind of learned to play those a little bit when I was a little kid. But there was just some other shit that I was fiddling with because I was interested in a lot of different noisemakers. My grandma used to have a lot of harmonicas around the house from her husband, my grandfather. I used to fuck around with those when I was a kid, too. "I tried all different kinds of stuff," he continued. "I messed around with drums. I tried the saxophone. Then I really liked bass guitar; I latched on to that big time. Then writing, doing poetry, and then around junior high, I started writing some raps. Then when I started DJing, I had a bass guitar that an ex-girlfriend had given me. When I was out of town DJing, she came and took the guitar back and told my mom she could have it back or something. [Laughs] So then I just had the turntables and focused all my energy into the turntables big time... I tried to be in the background more, making beats, producing, which is good for my skills... At some point, I started doing that again and I redeveloped back into hip-hop."

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