Cristina Scabbia of Italian heavy rockers LACUNA COIL got her COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday (June 15). The 49-year-old singer, who has been a member of LACUNA COIL since 1996, announced her incolulation in an Instagram post on Wednesday. She shared a photo of her being vaccinated, and she included the following message: "You do you, I do me. "I trust in science, doctors, nurses, more than YouTube videos or Facebook posts that are more confusing than TV news. "Got the shot yesterday, so far so good and not a single side effect (which I am expecting anyway, same as vaccination when I was a little girl and never got polio or orher nasty illnesses). "Here's to concerts, human contact, normality." As of this past Monday, 13 regions that account for 40.5 million people, or two-thirds of Italy's population, have been redesignated as white zones, where the curfew has been abolished and people are only obliged to wear masks and maintain social distancing. According to Euronews, Italy's coronavirus rate continues to be low compared to other countries with a seven-day incidence rate of 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. With a population of 10 million people, Lombardy, where LACUNA COIL's hometown of Milan is located, was the region of Italy hit the hardest by the pandemic. As of June 16, there have been around 43.3 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in Italy. Lombardy administered the highest number of vaccine doses, almost 7.5 million.

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