In a new interview with Terry "Beez" Bezer of's "Mosh Talks With Beez", LAMB OF GOD bassist John Campbell spoke about Art Cruz, who joined the band last year as the replacement for the group's founding drummer, Chris Adler. "It's been amazing to have Art come into the band," John said (see video below). "He's enthusiastic, he's energized and motivated, and it kind of freshens things up for everybody, I think. A lot of times, these experiences that he's having with us is the first time he's done some of these things, and for us, it's, like, 'Oh, yeah, I guess it is pretty cool. We should be maybe a little more appreciative of these little things. But as far as the playing, it's been amazing. He's got a great feel. He's been playing drums, listening to LAMB OF GOD as a main inspiration for many years, so he's got the basics down, but he is his own unique player, and he's got nice little tasty fills and tricks, and it's a pleasure playing with him." Cruz made his recorded debut with LAMB OF GOD on the band's self-titled album, which came out in June via Epic Records in the U.S. and Nuclear Blast Records in Europe. Art filled in for Chris on several LAMB OF GOD tours in the past couple of years before being named Adler's official replacement in July 2019. Cruz made his live debut with LAMB OF GOD in July 2018 in Gilford, New Hampshire. "Lamb Of God" was recorded with longtime producer Josh Wilbur (KORN, MEGADETH, GOJIRA, TRIVIUM) and includes special guest appearances by Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT). Later this month, LAMB OF GOD will offer fans first-time-ever live performances of "Lamb Of God" and the landmark 2004 album "Ashes Of The Wake", both performed live in their entirety in the band's hometown of Richmond, Virginia. As standalone ticketed events, these performances will be LAMB OF GOD's only chance to perform these songs for fans this year — and the band are ready to deliver to the highest degree. The first stream, scheduled for Friday, September 18, will see the band perform songs from its latest self-titled album live for the very first time. For the second stream, on Friday, September 25, the band will perform the ground-breaking RIAA-gold-certified album "Ashes Of The Wake", in its entirety for the first time ever. Both sets will feature encores, including fan favorites as well as songs that haven't been performed in years. For more information including tickets and merch bundles, go to this location.

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