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Riot Games has revealed League Of Legends champion Udyr’s rework, showing a close-range brawler that can use different fighting stances to channel the power of demigods.

Revealed today (August 9), Udyr’s playstyle remains largely the same: the Freljordian fighter still has no conventional ultimate ability, and instead can switch between four low-cooldown stances to enhance his auto-attacks, health and speed.

However, all four of Udyr’s stances have been changed. Udyr’s new passive means that besides switching stances, every 30 seconds he can Awaken his active stance – which adds new effects to the ability. Additionally, switching between stances or Awakening an ability will grant Udyr an extra 40 per cent attack speed for his next two attacks.

Spirit Guard Udyr rework, League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games.
Spirit Guard Udyr rework, League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games.

Udyr’s Q ability, Wilding Claw, provides even more attack speed and add burst damage to his next two attacks. Awakening Wilding Claw increases Udyr’s attack speed further, and adds arc lightning to the players’ next two attacks – this arc lightning can bounce up to six times, though will hit the same target several time if they’re isolated.

Udyr’s W is called Iron Mantle, and is a more defensive ability. Iron Mantle gives Udyr a shield and allow his next two attacks to restore health, while Awakening this ability will refresh the shield and provide a significant amount of healing over two seconds.

Blazing Stampede is more utility-oriented, providing a burst of movement speed and adding a stun to Udyr’s first attack against a target. When Awakened, Blazing Stampede increases Udyr’s movement speed even more and provides a brief period of crowd-control (CC) immunity.

Finally, Udyr’s R – Wingborne Storm – summons a glacial storm, which damages and slows nearby enemies. Udyr’s next two attacks expand the storm’s area of effect, and Awakening Wingborne Storm detaches the storm from Udyr and sends it to follow his most recently-attacked enemy with additional damage.

Besides a rework to Udyr’s kit has also received a full visual update, which you can see in the above trailer. Udyr was added to League Of Legends 13 years ago, so his new model means he doesn’t look as out of place next to the game’s newer champions.

In other gaming news, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been delayed once again.

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