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Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz wants his Super Bowl advert to inspire love and nurturing, according to the musician.

The star has teamed up with Stella Artois for the Heartbeat Billionaire commercial, which will air during this weekend’s (February 7) Super Bowl game.

The 30-second clip opens with Kravitz telling the camera: “We’re all born with 2.5billion heartbeats. That makes you a billionaire.” He then picks up drumsticks and is transformed into an animation.

Speaking to Billboard, the musician said the ad was “about investing in each other, using our 2.5 billion heartbeats to spread love, to nurture the relationships in life that are important to us during this time”.

“This [pandemic] has been an opportunity, despite all the drama that’s going on, to really connect with our loved ones and our families, and it’s given us an opportunity to see what is important in life. At the end of the day, it’s how are you going to spend your life? What kind of energy did you put out there into the world?” You can watch the ad above now.

Super Bowl LV will be held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on Sunday and will see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Weeknd will provide the half-time entertainment, for which he has put up $7million (£5.1m) of his own money.

The show will also be performed entirely live, despite fears that pre-recording may have been necessary to fit in line with coronavirus protocols. Producer Jesse Collins said in an interview: “We’re not bouncing off to another stadium and then cutting in, like some people have had to do [before]. We are fortunate enough in this situation that we are able to do a live, live show.”

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