Lido Pimienta has said that she was attacked by a woman wielding a shopping cart as a weapon outside her home in Toronto.

The Colombian-Canadian musician posted a series of tweets last Saturday (June 26), in which she said: “My children just witnessed a white woman hitting me with a shopping cart at a crosswalk…

“She insists on calling the police even though all the neighbours saw what happened…..I don’t know what to do…..my face is all scratched my body all bruised, I hit her too to defend myself.”

Pimienta thanked her neighbours for intervening and forcing the assailant to leave. “I’m really short n out of shape but I managed to keep her off for some time but once she hit my head and scratched me in front of my kids I surrendered, I didn’t want them to see,” she continued.

“I really hope she doesn’t call the cops, she saw where I live, all the neighbours screamed at her…holy shit I’m so glad my neighbours saw everything and that my kids are ok.”


The musician also posted video footage of what appears to be the aftermath of the incident, apparently filmed by her children.

Later, Pimienta added: “It’s so messed up that I am shaking and hurting and bleeding but that’s not what’s worrying me right now, it’s the likelihood of the p*lice showing up at my door that is really really scary to me right now-I am so afraid she will put charges on me and that they will side with her.”

The following day, Pimienta said that the police did not show up, and that she and her children are “fine and healing.”

“At this point all I can hope is the other person gets support too. To heal and maybe think twice before they go on attacking people.”

She also posted a longer message on Instagram, thanking fans for their concern and reiterating her hope that her assailant would receive support too.

“I am no stranger to a white person using me as their punching bag, and I am no stranger to having p*lice knocking on my door to tell me to *go back to my country* if ‘I don’t like it’- all of that is sadly expected at this point,” she added.

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