Life By You. Credit: Paradox Tectonic.

Rod Humble, former producer for The Sims and current studio head at Paradox Tectonic, has warned that players will need a “good gaming PC” to play its upcoming life simulator Life By You in September.

Earlier in the month, Paradox revealed Life By Youan upcoming life simulator that looks set to rival EA’s Sims series.

Life By You is set to launch in Early Access on September 12, and a Steam page published ahead of its release has confirmed the minimum and recommended system requirements players will need to run the game.

While it’s nothing too intensive compared to some of this year’s AAA releases, it’s more intensive than the likes of The Sims 4, which turns nine in September. As a result, fans coming from The Sims should make sure their PC can handle the game before making a purchase.

Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun, Humble explained Paradox Tectonic’s “aim was to make a well-running, open AAA high-end life simulator first and foremost, so our min specs reflect that”.

“Once we get it running, we can look at whether there are ways we can optimise it to bring it down,” he continued. “But out of the gate, I would strongly urge people to look at the min specs and take them seriously. If you’re going to play the game, you’re going to need a good gaming PC.”

“We want this game to last for as long as we can,” Humble added. “Not just so we don’t have to rebuild this thing so many times. But also because we want players to be able to lean on this game and know that what they make is going to last.”

As detailed earlier in the month, Life By You will allow players to control their characters directly or watch their lives play out automatically. The game will also feature creator tools and editing systems, along with situation-based conversations and customisation options.

In other gaming news, Nintendo will reveal 10 minutes of The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom gameplay tomorrow (March 28).

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