After first teasing a sequel to 2003’s comedy drama Freaking Friday, Lindsay Lohan has now confirmed that a follow-up film is finally in the works.

Speaking to SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live on March 4, Lohan was asked about rumours of a sequel, to which she confirmed: “It’s happening.”

While Lohan was unable to share more details, she shared that she’s confident that the sequel will happen, and that both Jamie Lee Curtis and herself are “excited” about the project.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan starred in the 2003 Disney remake of Jodie Foster’s 1976 film of the same name. For their remake, Curis played a strict, by-the-books mother while Lohan played her rebellious teenage daughter Anna. After a heated argument, the pair swap bodies and begin to each other’s perspectives.

Lohan first began speaking of Freaky Friday 2 in 2022 after she revealed to Jimmy Fallon that Curtis had floated the idea by her.

The Parent Trap actor added: “Let’s just take the fact that I was on set filming at the time, and Jamie Lee Curtis writes… and you just get excited and distracted immediately. So, I had to bring myself down to Earth and be like, ‘I’m on set, I have to focus.’ Then she said Freaky Friday 2, and I got more excited.”

Lindsay Lohan most recently made a cameo in Tina Fey’s reboot of Mean Girls. In a three-star review of the filmNME wrote: “The result is a film that’s more rehash than remodel, albeit a perfectly entertaining one. Where the original Mean Girls had the sparky, snarky confidence of Regina George, this one is more like Gretchen Wieners: less sure of itself, a bit try-hard, but ultimately quite likeable.”

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