Alice Glass has shared a new solo single called ‘Love Is Violence’ – you can listen to it below.

The track will appear on the former Crystal Castles singer’s debut solo album ‘PREY//IV’, which is due for release on February 16. It follows on from last year’s ‘Baby Teeth’, ‘Suffer And Swallow’ and ‘Fair Game’.

“Almost everyone can relate to the sometimes unbearable ups and downs that occur in relationships,” Glass explained of the inspiration behind her latest offering.

“But for those of us who have dealt with manipulative or toxic partners, there is a whole other layer of pain. Any person who uses their partner’s ‘love’ to control, use, and hurt them is using one of the most cruel and disgusting manipulative tactics in human experience.”

She continued: “Disguising power struggles and calling it ‘love’, it’s a form of violence against a partner. I want to help people to see those red flags and encourage them to remove themselves from those types of toxic situations.”

Speaking to NME for this week’s Big Read cover feature, the Canadian artist – real name Margaret Osborn – opened up about her experiences with her former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath.

Glass accused Kath of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse in 2017. After denying the claims, Kath then responded by suing Glass for defamation. Glass announced back in 2018 that the lawsuit had been dismissed.

“He [Kath] always had all these lies about how we met, and each one was so ludicrous: we met reading to the blind; we were brother and sister – all this fucking bullshit,” Glass recalled to NME in today’s Big Read.

“It was easy for him to convince me to remain an enigma because people would be very disappointed if they met you, and of course, I thought that was true. I still think it’s true; I just don’t care anymore!

“I never thought I would be talking openly like this… about anything.”

NME Cover 2022 Alice Glass

Crystal Castles previously engaged in a public dispute, with Kath downplaying Glass’ role in the group. In 2020, she told fans she was being “gutted” over Crystal Castles’ royalty payments.

During her new interview with NME, Glass said she was “the most consistent songwriter on the CC records”. “I feel confident saying that and if I intentionally piss anyone off, then good,” she added.

Elsewhere, the artist told NME that “it’s been really helpful for me psychologically to put things out” as a solo artist. “That’s what this record is like for me: I’m going to put my pain out into the world and then I don’t own it anymore,” Glass explained.

“I like songs that have a glimmer of hope. Maybe a part of us always knows that nothing is going to work out the way that we want, and there will be no happy endings? When we hear a hopeful note or melody in a song it makes us feel a different type of sadness; that’s what I think.”

Alice Glass also told us that she “used to steal copies of NME” and spoke about hanging out with the late SOPHIE, who she described as “pretty intimidating as an artist, but really inspirational”. You can read the full conversation here.

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