Caroline Polachek has remixed A.G. Cook’s ‘Oh Yeah ‘ – you can listen to it below.

Her reworking of the track sees Polachek adding her add her own vocals, harmonies and bagpipes to the track which was the opening track on his last album, Apple.

Speaking about the remix, Polachek said: “Sometimes when autotuned vocals make those flickery clusters of missed-notes, it reminds me of bagpipe ornamentation.

“And that place where the brutally casual and the technically virtuosic meet…well it feels very A. G. Cook.

“So I transcribed his hard-tuned vocal solo into this massive bagpipe line to open and close the remix.

“The original ‘Oh Yeah’ makes a brilliant centerpiece of probably the most banal lyric ever, so for the remix I stretched and repeated it to the point that it devolves into this relentlessly sincere affirmation, oh yeah.”

Last year, Cook spoke about the track’s creation. He said: “The notion of pure, classic songwriting is one of the core aspects of the album and ‘Oh Yeah’ is maybe my most direct attempt,” he said.

“I was really inspired by Shania Twain and how her clean, slinky vocals tell you as much about the song as her lyrics. The song itself – like most pop music – is really about confidence and escapism, and how bittersweet those things can feel.”

Last December, Polachek and Cook shared a winter remix of Polachek’s single ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’.

The aptly-titled ‘So Cold You’re Hurting My Feelings’ repurposed the original track’s lyrics to suit the winter months.

Explaining the idea behind the track on Instagram at the time, Cook wrote: “I remember sitting by the fireplace one eventide, listening to the waxen clicks of the Pang vinyl – as I tend to do in the witching hours between dusk and dawn – when a gift was delivered to the flocculent chamber of my imagination.”

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