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Extreme frontman and former Van Halen singer Gary Cherone has shared a cover Kanye West‘s ‘God Is’ for Easter Sunday.

The original track appeared on West’s 2019 album ‘Jesus Is King’, and although Cherone has admitted to being “not the biggest fan” of the rapper he has acknowledged that they do share the same faith.

“Obviously, Kanye and I come from two different worlds,” Cherone told Newsweek. “Maybe I can introduce my audience to that record and move them to check out the original version.

“I’m not the biggest Kanye fan, but I kept hearing about his new record, so I checked it out, and I just kept going back to that song. I just wanted to sing it in my rock voice.”

He continued: “Kanye made a pretty bold statement. He made me think of [Bob] Dylan. There was no middle ground with his Christian records. Critics either loved them or hated them. I was pretty inspired by Kanye’s artistic expression – not caring about anything except for what moves him. That was pretty inspiring, and it motivated me to do this.”

Listen to Cherone’s cover of ‘God Is’ below:

Today, Kanye West has been hosting virtual Sunday Services in conjunction with a Miami-based church for Easter Sunday.

The rapper began holding the gospel gatherings since the first Sunday of 2019. Last Easter, he held a special edition of the events at Coachella, which fell on Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, Kanye West has said that people making assumptions about his political views reminded him of being racially profiled.

The rapper and entrepreneur has faced a furore in the past for his support of President Donald Trump and for wearing his ‘Make America Great Again’ cap in public.

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