Holly Macve and Lana Del Rey. Credit: Chuck Grant

Holly Macve has teamed up with Lana Del Rey on her first collaborative single titled ‘Suburban House’. Check it out below

The Irish-born & Yorkshire-raised songwriter was able to work with Del Rey after forming a close friendship via Instagram a few years ago. The track is part of Macve’s new project due in early 2024.

Speaking of the song in a press release, Macve said: “I sometimes feel my intuition wrote this song for me. I was temporarily living in a Suburban house from the 50’s, on the outskirts of West London. It was like a time capsule and hadn’t been changed since the 70’s. There was a beautiful old piano there and one day I sat down and the song came to me unexpectedly all at once. The song made perfect sense to me only a week later… “

She continued: “A few months later I visited Lana whilst in LA and we shared new songs with each other. I played this to her live and that was the start of it becoming a duet. When I first heard her sing the second verse it was like a dream, her voice was just so perfect for the song and heavenly sounding… It goes without saying that I am a huge fan of hers, she’s an inspiration to me in many different ways so when she DM’d me I was pretty shook (to say the least).”

According to a screenshot shared by Macve on Instagram, in 2017, Del Rey followed Irish singer on the social media platform. Macve then sent Del Rey a dm that read: “Hey thanks so much for the follow. Big fan of your music, hope we cross paths at some point,” to which Del Rey replied: “I am a huge huge fan and I just think you are so blessed with a gorgeous voice. I hope everything’s been going well for you..send your email if you want. Lots of love, Lana,”

Speaking about the collaboration, Del Rey said: “Ever since I heard Holly’s music I knew she had one of the most beautiful singing voices in the world. Her flawless, emotional vocals have inspired me over the last six years and I love her songs and I’m especially proud of featuring on this one.”

Holly Macve - Suburban House - single artwork. Credit Chuck Grant
Holly Macve – Suburban House – single artwork. Credit Chuck Grant

In other news, Del Rey recently took to social media to deny claims that she grew up in a wealthy family.

In the post, she recalled that her hometown of Lake Placid, New York was “not a wealthy town”, and tackled misconceptions about her going to a private boarding school by saying that she was only able to attend due to “financial aid” – offered as her uncle worked in the administrative building.

She also claimed that she had a tough time in the school because other students knew that she wasn’t wealthy, and subsequently gave her the nickname “White trash from Lake Placid.”

Earlier this month the ‘Video Games’ singer responded to an influencer who accused her of using witchcraft. The Christian influencer made the comments after a crowd was knocked over by a surge of energy at one of the singer’s gigs earlier this summer.

“B!tch I know the Bible verse for verse better than you do,” Del Rey wrote (via Stereogum). “PS you’re giving off super gremlin energy. Not in a good way.”

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