SEVENDUST has just released a digital expanded edition of its latest album, "Blood & Stone". "Blood & Stone Deluxe" contains five new tracks, including three never-before-released remixes and two newly recorded songs. Jake Bowen of PERIPHERY, Richard Wicander of FIRE FROM THE GODS and Justin deBlieck, formerly of ICE NINE KILLS, provide remixes and the band finished recording "All I Really Know" and "What You Are" — both of which can be streamed below — specifically for this release. "Blood & Stone Deluxe" is being released via all digital partners via Rise Records and was produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette. "Blood & Stone Deluxe" track listing: 01. Dying To Live 02. Love 03. Blood From A Stone 04. Feel Like Going On 05. What You've Become 06. Kill Me 07. Nothing Left To See Here Anymore 08. Desperation 09. Criminal 10. Against The World 11. Alone 12. Wish You Well 13. The Day I Tried To Live 14. Dying To Live (Jake Bowen Remix) 15. Kill Me (Richard Wicander Remix) 16. What You've Become (Justin deBlieck Remix) 17. All I Really Know 18. What You Are SEVENDUST singer Lajon Witherspoon told Audio Ink Radio about the recording process for "Blood & Stone": "I feel like we've grown as not just artists but men, personally. I feel like we're seasoned, if that makes sense. Maybe we're just like an old wine. We've had time to really know each other. We're brothers. It's easy for us when we're in the studio. It's like a well-oiled machine, once we get back in there. That's where the magic happens, is when we're looking at each other. It always reminds me of when we first got together, whenever we get together, as long as we've been together. It's just because there's a certain light that comes on. It's always been great to have that." Witherspoon also talked about SEVENDUST's longevity, saying: "You can't just call yourself a band just because you've got a group of people together. I think it's a group. I feel like you have to have a band when you've gone through a lot of things together, not only the good times, but the bad times. You've seen life together. You've seen death together with each other. You've helped each other. You've done all those types of things over the last 25 years, and that's the reason why I can say I'm very proud to be in SEVENDUST the band, not SEVENDUST the group." He continued: "There are some bands out there — there's a lot of bands out there — and there are a lot of groups. I think it takes heart. I think it takes compassion. I think it takes some respect. To treat each other equally, like what we're trying to do in the world today, I feel like that's something that's kept us together. It's not one guy with a Ferrari and another guy with a Hyundai, which those are nice cars, too. I'm just saying in the scheme of things. So, I think that's something that's kept us together, too, is that not one guy's better or feeling better. When we get in a room sometimes, it feels like even though we're older men, I still feel like we're those kids that were in the recording room, wondering, how are we going to pay rent for the month? What show are we going to play? And it's a good feeling to feel happy after all these years."

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