Lost Ark duplication

Today (February 11) marks the full launch of Lost Ark, however a bug – which some players are exploiting – is offering unlimited rewards from claiming Founder’s Pack rewards.

Though Lost Ark launches today as a free-to-play game, paid versions of the game have meant that some fans have been already been playing for several days. These paid versions – Founder’s Pack editions – also offer in-game rewards as well as early access.

Though these rewards are meant to have limited use, some players discovered that they can be redeemed multiple times to gain significant amounts of gold. It’s also been possible to do this with Twitch drops, which provide even more valuable items for watching a Twitch streamer play Lost Ark.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate RPG.

Although this bug was accessed unintentionally by some players, there are reports of others who deliberately duplicated their Founder’s Pack rewards. One forum user says they have heard players receiving over 10 Platinum Founder’s Pack rewards – these are sold on Steam for £87.99, so ten duplications mean that one player’s exploit alone could be worth  £879.99. A clip of the bug in action is visible here.

According to a Smilegate developer, “this issue is fixed and players are no longer receiving duplicate packs,” however it’s unclear whether the company will take action to avoid the bug having an effect on the economy –  No mention of a rollback – or targeted action against certain accounts – has been discussed.

Many community members are concerned that the bug will either return or have its consequences go unaddressed, due to Amazon Game Studios‘ involvement in Lost Ark. This is because New World – Amazon Game Studios’ own MMO – was plagued with issues surrounding duplication at launch last year. In one example, New World disabled gold transfers to combat a duplication bug which, in turn, caused another issue with gold duplication.

In other news, a former Battlefield lead developer has said that he is “astonished” at some of Battlefield 2042‘s “missteps”.

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