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Lovelyz member Mijoo reportedly in talks to sign with a new agency, ahead of her departure from Woollim Entertainment

On November 10, SpoTVNews reported that the singer and entertainer would be signing with Antenna, which is currently home to singer-songwriter Sam Kim, as well as several actors and entertainers. Notably, popular comedian and the idol’s Sixth Sense co-star Yoo Jae-suk had signed with the agency earlier in July.

In response to reports, Antenna clarified to MyDaily that it had “met with Lovelyz’s Mijoo recently, but nothing has been confirmed yet,” as translated by Soompi. The star has gained significant popularity as a star of variety shows in recent years, following her appearances on shows such as Sixth Sense, Hangout with Yoo and Shopping Cart Savior, among others.

The news comes about a week after seven of the girl group’s eight members were revealed to be departing longtime agency Woollim Entertainment following the expiration of their contracts on November 16. Lovelyz’s leader Baby Soul was the only member who chose to remain with the agency.

“We Lovelyz will each go our own ways, but I think that we will always be one,” said Mijoo in a handwritten letter addressing her departure from Woollim. While neither the company nor the members of Lovelyz have referred to the situation as a “disbandment”, the group’s future remains uncertain at this time.

Last week, YouTuber and former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho claimed that discussions between the group’s members and Woollim over the renewal of their contracts had initially been a positive affair, with several members voicing their willingness to remain under the agency.

“If the agency showed an active will, Lovelyz could continue even if it wouldn’t be a complete group,” alleged Lee in his video.

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