Lucifer star Kevin Alejandro has shared his thoughts about the shocking twist at the end of season 5B.

The actor, who plays detective Dan Espinoza in the Netflix series, reflected on the sudden onscreen death of his character after being murdered on the order of Michael (Tom Ellis).

“Yeah, it did feel right. And it still feels right,” Alejandro told Entertainment Weekly of Dan’s death in season 5B. The character’s appearance in some capacity in season six has since been suggested.

‘Lucifer’ season five part two is streaming now. CREDIT: Netflix

He went on: “Look, we’ve been given the opportunity to go out how we want to go out, keeping the respect for our audience and for the world that has already been created since the beginning.

“They’ve done a really elegant job of continuing to tell the story.”

Season six of Lucifer, which will be the show’s last, finished filming in March. A release date for the new episodes has yet to be confirmed by Netflix.

Earlier this year, showrunner Joe Henderson said the final season would be “wildly different” to 5B. “Season 5B is big and epic; season six is sweet and personal. I don’t even know how to compare them,” he explained.

“They’re so wildly different, and yet so very much of a whole. They’re very much part of a story going on.”

Reviewing season 5B, NME wrote: “In a golden age of television, this is a dark brown programme; one of the worst things on TV; a self-indulgent waste of money.”

Lucifer season five part two is streaming on Netflix now.

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