Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ protagonist, The Hunter, will have over 40 abilities and three paths to choose from, emphasising the light and dark potential of the characters.

In an interview with NME, Jake Solomon, the Creative Director of Midnight Suns, revealed that “you can really customise how The Hunter plays in combat” by choosing a path for him based on light, dark, and warrior branches. Each of these paths will allow the player to then choose from over 40 different abilities to compliment the chosen playstyle.

“There are benefits to certain branches,” Solomon explained, “all the heroes have a lot of abilities to customise how you play. The Hunter is the most customisable and so you can mould them to the other heroes that you’re bringing on.” He went on to elaborate on the consequences of each path, saying “There’s a dark branch of powers … much more devastating damage-dealing abilities, but they abstract a cost. Every time you use them, they abstract a cost from The Hunter or their allies.

“The light branch is much more supportive and buffing of The Hunter and their allies, and then there’s a power branch that is strictly more of a warrior branch where you can define if you just want to be a combat damage-dealer. You can pick and choose whatever.”

The Hunter is designed to represent more than just the player’s combat style, however, as Bill Roseman, VP Head of Creative at Marvel Games, pointed out, “The Hunter is really a reflection of all the Midnight Suns. They’re all dealing with their destructive side and their heroic side, and you – as the player – will get to decide which path you want to take. So that dark and light is a main metaphor of not only the Hunter but of the Midnight Suns themselves.”

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a strategy RPG with deck building elements, bringing a massive roster of superheroes and special abilities to encounter battles. Currently in development, the game is being published by 2K Games and developed by Firaxis, makers of XCOM and Civilization VI.

Each battle will pit a squad of three heroes – including The Hunter who was specially developed for Midnight Suns – against an opponent with a “random selection of hero abilities like a hand of cards”.

A gameplay reveal on September 1 showed off many of the game’s strengths, with more gameplay expected to be revealed on September 7. 2K and Firaxis will show The Hunter and Wolverine take on Sabretooth during this segment. Expect the footage to drop at 7:30pm BST (11:30am PST), and more insights into the game to come with it.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is currently set for a March 2022 launch on PS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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