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Melissa Barrera has opened up about being fired from the Scream franchise, revealing she felt “lonely and scared” after being dismissed.

In November 2023, Melissa Barerra – who plays Sam Carpenter in 2022’s Scream and sequel Scream VI – was dropped from the upcoming seventh instalment after writing an Instagram post in support of Palestine. This resulted in fans vowing to boycott Scream VII, with many calling for other cast members to walk away from the project in solidarity.

“It was very beautiful, very unexpected,” she told. “Obviously, I just didn’t know what the reaction was going to be. Seeing the love and the support from the fans, the people that understand that it’s bigger than a movie — what’s happening is not just about a movie, it’s something deeper — I’m very grateful.

“You attract the kind of people [with] the energy that you put out,” she continued. “There’s something that just draws you to them. To see the support from the [Scream] fans, I just felt very validated. It was beautiful in that moment where I felt so lonely and scared and just in a dark place; to feel them lifting me was beautiful.”

In January, Barrera told Rolling Stone that she was “at peace” with the situation. “I think everything that happened was very transparent, on both sides, and I know who I am, and I know that what I said always came from a place of love and a place of humanity and a place of human rights and a place of freedom for people, which shouldn’t be controversial,” she said.

“It shouldn’t be up for debate. So, I’m very at peace. The people who know me in my family know the truth about me and where I stand, and I think most people in the world also do.”

Last month, Barrera sparked further controversy with another Instagram post regarding the conflict in the Middle East.


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