Members of Preoccupations and Protomartyr have formed a new band with Nancy Sinatra‘s daughter AJ Lambert.

‘Pica’ is the first single from the trio, who go by the name Bloodslide – listen to the track below.

Speaking about the track to BrooklynVegan, the band said: “Pica — the compulsive appetite for substances considered outside the realm of the acceptably consumable, ice, hair, metal. We wanted to focus on this attribution of “unacceptable” characteristic — this creation of abnormal value connections between objects.

“Our desire was to invoke similar divergent attributions of value within the visual space — specifically between the nouveau digital landscapes created by machine learning and other digital manipulations, and the body as it is experienced in the hyper-digitised moment. Both of these elements are deeply connected, nature as it exists in its unmolested state, and the human body are both deeply spiritual, deeply sublime entities. And yet both of these have had their form moulded and repurposed by their digitisation.”

Listen to ‘Pica’ below.

Protomartyr released their latest album ‘Ultimate Success Today’ last year via Domino. In an interview with NME around the album, frontman Joe Casey mused on the fact that the album may be the band’s last.

“It had been ten years since we started the band, so you do unfortunately get nostalgic and look back and think, ‘What have we accomplished?’ and ‘What’s next?’,” he told NME.

‘I wanted the album to sound like a final statement, merely to clear the decks, so whatever comes next – if anything comes next – can have a fresh approach, and not be bogged down by these obsessions I’ve had in lyrics for the last ten years.”

Preoccupations, meanwhile, shared their ‘New Material’ album back in 2018.

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