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Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich has revealed that the band were considering recording a follow-up to their first collaborative album with Lou Reed before the singer’s death in 2013.

The heavy metal pioneers teamed up with Reed on 2011’s ‘Lulu’ – which continues to be one of their most divisive albums among fans.

Despite the lukewarm reaction, drummer Ulrich revealed that the band had considered the prospect of recording more material with Reed.

Speaking to NME for this week’s Does Rock ‘N Roll Kill Braincells?, Ulrich said: “Listen, I would play with Lou anytime, anywhere and he knew that.

“He’d had this idea for a long time and when we played together at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame [in 2009], in his mind, he’d found the perfect band to get his vision out and we definitely talked about doing more stuff together. We just felt so connected and we stayed in touch way up ‘til his very early and untimely end. I would do anything for that man.”

Ulrich also opened up on the tempestuous creation of the album, which saw Reed challenging him to a fight at one point.

“Lou was very passionate and such a big believer in what he was doing. So many guys of that generation were royally fucked over on every level possible by the music industry when they were younger,” he said.

“So they have a protective shield and when they get challenged, their first MO is to want to fight it out. This was an isolated incident. We had an incredible summer together, I love Lou dearly and there’s nothing about any of it – of the process, the subsequent promotion or any of the playing we did together, that I would change a nanosecond of – even when he did challenge me to go for a throw-down in the parking lot!”

“We come from such different ways of doing things because we [Metallica] like to mull things over and overthink and overanalyse them – and every decision he was making at the time was so impulsive and in the moment, which we admired, but at the same time, it was like: ‘Huh? What are you thinking?!’ Then he was like: ‘Let’s go outside and duke it out’ – which of course we never did!”

This comes after the band admitted earlier this month that they wouldn’t “change a thing” about the record.

Metallica also recently announced they’ll play their first show of 2020 as part of the ‘Encore Drive-In Nights’ series. A special show will be filmed at an undisclosed location in California, to then be aired on August 29 at several hundred drive-ins and outdoor theatres in North America.

The band have also been sharing previews from their forthcoming live concert album, ‘S&M2’, including renditions of ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ and ‘Moth Into Flame’ with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

The film will be released in a variety of formats on August 28, including 4xLP vinyl, 2xCD, DVD and Blu-ray versions, plus a limited edition “Deluxe Box”.

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