Canadian indie icons Metric have released a new single, ‘Nothing Is Perfect’ and its accompanying music video.

Released on Friday (August 11), ‘Nothing Is Perfect’ serves as the second preview of the band’s upcoming album ‘Formentera II’. The recently released track is a mostly acoustic cut, with vocalist Emily Haines singing about being stuck in a relationship where one feels stuck in a rut, and isn’t necessarily happy or unhappy.

Watch the music video for ‘Nothing Is Perfect’ below.

The music video for ‘Nothing Is Perfect’ – directed by Justin Broadbent, who has filmed multiple Metric videos in the past – also features a tip of the hat to filmmakers such as David Lynch and Terrence Malick.

Emily Haines said of the music video via a press release: “We worked with Justin Broadbent to create an atmospheric and surreal visual accompaniment to enhance the otherworldly mood of the song, with stylistic nods to Terrence Malick and David Lynch. The song ends with a meditative and anthemic repetition of the word “nothing”, like I’m celebrating it and singing its praises. I love nothing!”

‘Nothing Is Perfect’ comes a month after the release of the album’s first single, ‘Just The Once’. ‘Formentera II’ is scheduled for release on October 13 via Metric Music International/Thirty Tigers. Pre-orders are now available and can be purchased here.

Last year’s ‘Formentera’ scored a four-star review from Rhian Daly for NME. Daly wrote: “‘Formentera’ is an exercise in trying to let go until it hits the title track. ‘I Will Never Settle’ is resilient but soft, glittering melodies rippling through the track and giving it an air of melancholy magic. ‘Oh Please’ rides on a syncopated, funk-tinged bassline. Come the arrival of closing track ‘Paths In The Sky’, a buzzing slice of soaring indie, it feels that the band have accepted life’s up and downs.”

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