Microsoft has released a new online course, free to everyone, that covers the fundamentals of making gaming more accessible.

The course can be found on the Microsoft Learn page and consists of five modules. The four-hour course intends to teach both new and veteran developers about different avenues to improving accessibility in gaming.

The into, narrated by gaming accessibility program manager Kaitlyn Jones, says, “In this learning path, you’ll be introduced to some basic gaming accessibility concepts and learn more about the experiences of players with disabilities as they navigate through games.” She continues, “You’ll also learn about the importance of collaborating with the gaming and disability community so they can help your development processes as you develop more accessible experiences.”

The first of the five modules introduces foundational gaming accessibility concepts. This includes the core elements in gaming experiences that influence accessibility. The module also includes how those elements can impact the experiences of games with visual, hearing, mobility, and cognitive disabilities.

Over the following four modules, Microsoft aims to teach people how to collaborate with the gaming and disability community by identifying methods to build the needed connections. There will also be sections covering assistive hardware and software technologies and “the importance of supporting these assistive technologies when creating accessible gaming products and experiences for all audiences.”

Further modules will delve into the best practices that developers can follow to guide the development of games and platforms. It also points to the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines, a free resource for developers that provides a comprehensive list of best practices.

Finally, the course will cover the best practices for designing and developing hardware with accessibility in mind. This includes consoles, headsets, controllers, and other input devices.

Microsoft has recently shown its prowess with Forza Horizon 5, celebrated for its vast array of accessibility options.

In other news, it appears that PlayStation may be merging PS Plus and PS Now into a combined subscription service.

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