Indie studio Aarre Entertainment have announced its new strategy game The Infernal Masquerade, which brings together PC classic Minesweeper with BBC’s new gameshow The Traitors.

The Infernal Masquerade is a gothic horror, PS2-inspired game that tasks players with unmasking the regular guests of an 18th-century masked ball, while pinning roses on those they suspect are vampires.

Every correct unmasking reveals clues and, according to the Steam listing, “taking risks and doing speedy reveals gives you access to helper items that make it easier to find the hidden, masked vampires.”

Check out a video of the game in action below:

“The year is 1868, and the city of London is in the grip of a strange and deadly plague. People are disappearing from the streets, never to be seen again, and rumors of vampires have begun to spread like wildfire,” says the Steam description.

“In the midst of this chaos, a solitary figure moves through the darkness, a hunter of the undead. Armed with a unique weapon – a bouquet of deadly roses that can kill with a single touch – the vampire hunter stalks the shadows, seeking out the hidden predators that lurk among the city’s elite,” it continues.

“Tonight, the hunter has been invited to a masquerade ball, a glittering affair attended by the wealthiest and most powerful members of society. But beneath the guise of revelry and elegance, the hunter knows that danger lurks. For at a masquerade, even the most ordinary faces can hide the most monstrous secrets. And the hunter is ready to strike, using their deadly roses to deliver justice to the vampires that prowl the night.”

The Infernal Masquerade was originally developed for the 2022 Haunted PS1 Halloween Game Jam and is currently available to download for free, from itch.io. It is also “coming soon” to Steam.

In other news, Steam logged 10million concurrent in-game players for the first time over the weekend.

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