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Trainwiz, the modder behind several infamous Thomas the Tank Engine mods for Bethesda games, has announced his own roleplaying game (RPG) titled Underspace.

Underspace is described as the spiritual successor to the 2003 space simulator Freelancer, and is a deep space role-playing game in a “Lovecraftian setting”. The game will feature a full single player campaign with side quests, player vs player combat (PvP) and a full main story mode.

The official Steam page shows a blend of sci-fi and cosmic horror, and features gigantic monsters to battle. Players will be able to fight against “world-eating serpents, possessed battleships and living minefields”, with twenty unique bosses available to fight solo or with friends.

According to the description, Underspace is inspired by classic space travel titles and is an open-world dogfighting arcade game where “every star system is crafted by hand” with unique things to do in each system.

A trailer uploaded to YouTube yesterday (30 January) revealed that the game is coming to Steam Early Access later this year on April 10. A demo for the game will be available in the February Steam Next Fest event, which takes place from February 5 until February 12.

The developer of Underspace, Trainwiz, previously modded both The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Starfield to add children’s television character Thomas The Tank Engine to the game in the place of various characters and objects in the games.

Recently, the modder changed all ships in Starfield to be Thomas The Tank Engine, allowing players to see Thomas The Tank Engine drifting across space and take part in space battles with the character.

In other gaming news, Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada has responded to rumours about Final Fantasy 7‘s Tifa joining the title.

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