MONSTA X member Joohoney has released a music video for his solo single ‘Freedom’.

The K-pop idol recently dropped his debut solo mini-album ‘Lights’ alongside a music video for its title track ‘Freedom’. In the new visual, Joohoney breaks free from a dark cage, later finding his way to a flight of stairs towards the open sky. The rapper also features some of the track’s hard-hitting choreography in the clip.

Ah, a dancing loner / Fly away, fly up again, you know / My way, ‘cause nobody can take it / Feel my freedom / Feel my freedom, freedom,” he sings. In addition to ‘Freedom’, his new mini-album ‘Lights’ also includes the tracks ‘Hype Energy’, ‘Evolution’, Voice’ and ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Joohoney shared that he hoped ‘Freedom’ would be a source of inspiration for other K-pop idols. “I want other idols to be comfortable with sharing about their hard times and able to express themselves confidently through their music in the future,” said the rapper.

“I think that Korean artists and trainees can sometimes feel a bit restricted due to their companies and the different rules that they might have to follow,” he added. “So, now, after I’ve grown and matured, I’ve been able to find myself and can express myself more freely now.”

Joohoney is now the third member of MONSTA X to make his official solo debut, after bandmates I.M and Kihyun. While the rapper had previously dropped several solo mixtapes, the new record marks his first official solo release.

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