From developer Wrong Organ, Mouthwashing is an upcoming psychological horror where the player and their crewmates are stranded in space with only one lifeline to rely on.

“The five crew members of The Tulpar are stranded in the empty reaches of space, shrouded in perpetual sunset. God is not watching,” read the description for the game from the developer.

In the game, the long-haul galactic freighter The Tulpar is thrown off its course after the captain suffered a psychotic break and attempted to kill his crew and himself. He is stopped before he can complete his intentions, however, and remains in a critical condition “at the mercy of the crew he has doomed to a slow death”.

The crew have six months of power and scarce food rations. Their fate is sealed unless they unlock the cargo hold and see whether or not the contents could save their lives. Opening the hold is prohibited by the company and some characters are staunchly against it.

It also appears that the player has the choice to continue treating the captain for his wounds with mouthwash, painkillers, and potentially other items that might be found on the freighter.

The mouthwash of Mouthwashing was teased in an update for the team’s debut title, How Fish Is Made. The “surrealist philosophical fish flopping” simulator had players try to escape some sort of enormous machine meeting fellow fish as they explored the concept of choice.

The Last One And Then Another update is inspired by Katamari Damacy and features a level filled with Dragonbreath Mouthwash bottles, the fictional brand that then appeared in the trailer for Mouthwashing.

Wrong Organ is the new name for the team, constituting audio designer Martin Halldin, designer and programmer Jeffrey Tomec, art and narrative designer Johanna Kasurinen and technical designer DutchDave.

In other gaming news, SAG-AFTRA announced its intention to authorise a strike against major game publishers, including Activision, Epic Games and Insomniac Games.

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