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According to two prominent leakers, NBA legend and former Olympian Lebron James could soon join the Fortnite roster.

Two prominent leakers, ShiinaBR and HypeX, both tweeted about the star arriving in Fortnite at some point in the future. ShiinaBR posted the initial tweet about Lebron James, stating he will be the “next icon series skin”.

HypeX then retweeted the post with some additional information about the rumoured release. According to the leaker, players will earn rewards by completing “King’s Bling” quests. Items will grow increasingly more gold as the players complete quests, and players can unlock a slider for customising goldness.

If the Lebron James leaks are true, the basketball athlete will join a number of stars who have appeared in the game. Footballers Neymar, Harry Kane and Reus are playable in the game, alongside stars like Jason Mamoa as Aquaman and Jason Scott.

Lebron James is currently in the midst of a major promotional push for the reboot of Space Jam: A New Legacy, so an appearance in Fortnite would make a lot of sense.

There is no official release included in the leak, but HypeX believes the character skin could arrive as soon as the next update. That means players could see Lebron James entering the fray as soon as next Tuesday (July 13).

An Indonesian minister has called for a Fortnite ban in the country following reports of user-generated content resembling the Islamic site of Kaaba.

Minister Sandiaga said he was told that the structure resembling the Kaaba must be “destroyed”. The Kaaba is one of the most sacred sites in Islam.

Elsewhere, Sony has quietly removed Japan Studios from its official lineup of first-party developers.

Japan Studios started developing games for the PS1 in 1994, and has developed some of Sony’s most recognisable titles.

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