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Wednesday was one of the sure-fire hits of 2022 for Netflix, and it seems plans are already afoot to launch season two of the spooky drama.

Wednesday worked very well for the streaming giant. Various feather’s in the cap of showrunners include: the fact the show officially racked up 341.2million hours of viewing worldwide in its opening week; fans making a social media campaign to ship unlikely friends Wednesday and Enid into a couple; and, the final episode launching a viral sensation dance.

However, more recently, the future of the show has been making headlines. It was speculated that the show could leave Netflix for Amazon Prime. However, it seems that Netflix has put pay to that rumour, and teased a second season of the show will be coming to the platform.

Wednesday Netflix
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and Emma Myers as Enid CREDIT: Netflix

Netflix released a clip featuring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday attached to a cryptic tweet in the early hours of Friday (January 6). The clip shows Wednesday Addams sat at her type-writer.

As the camera rolls Ortega’s character types, before cutting to a view of the page running through the typewriter. Wednesday has written: “The end.” However, she then decides to add a question mark after a pregnant pause.

The clip ends with the Addams family member smiling before she reaches to pull the paper out of the machine. Though the clip hints at Wednesday almost certainly returning for a second season, Netflix continued to remain coy on the matter. The social media team simply added, “??????” to the tweet.

Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the series follows Wednesday Addams’ life as a student at supernatural boarding school Nevermore Academy.

In a four-star review of season one, NME wrote: “If there’s one thing fans of The Addams Family should know before watching Netflix reboot Wednesday, it’s to expect the unexpected.

“Yes, the look – the pigtails, pale skin, pinstripes – is similar to the ‘90s classic. Yes, she remains po-faced and prickly. Yes, it’s still set in a creepy mansion. But dip a toe beyond the first few episodes, and you’ll find a very different Wednesday to the one we’ve come to know.”

Wednesday season one is available to stream on Netflix now.

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