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A new feature has been introduced to Netflix that allows users to delete unfinished shows from their ‘Continue Watching’ menu.

Prior to its arrival, there was no simple way to remove unfinished titles from the streaming service’s home screen until they were sufficiently watched.

The problem could also be tackled by fast-forwarding the film or episode to the end, so that it could automatically remove itself.

However, users can now remove unfinished shows from the ‘Continue Watching’ menu, by clicking the ‘more’ icon that is available underneath the title, and then selecting the ‘remove from row’ button.

Users have seemingly been desperate for Netflix to fix the issue for quite some time – and some still don’t know the new feature has been added.

“@netflix you really have to put a button on the ‘continue watching’ list so we can eliminate the ones we don’t want to watch anymore,” one user tweeted this morning.

Another wrote: “Dear Netflix, if I finished watching the latest episode, it means I’ve already watched everything that came before that. Please stop asking me to ‘Continue Watching’ and start with the first episode of the series. I don’t like seeing unfinished tasks.”

“Fast forwarding to the end of a bad Netflix movie so it’s not on your continue watching feels a lot like rewinding a blockbuster movie before returning it,” a third added.

Android users wanting to delete anything from their ‘Continue Watching’ row can now do so, but people with iOS devices will have to wait a little longer.

Earlier this month, Netflix curated a collection of films and TV shows to educate viewers on racial injustice and blackness in America.

The collection, titled ‘More Than A Moment’, includes the short description: “Black lives matter. Learn more about racial injustice and the Black experience in America with this collection of films, series and documentaries.”

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