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Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of Final Fantasy 14, recently revealed that the team has new details to share about the game’s future next month.

During the Radio Mog Station broadcast on January 9, the director explained that he and his team will share information leading towards the next expansion – as reported and translated by Siliconera and Aitai Kimochi – while also confirming that two of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Krile and Thancred, will play a prominent role in the upcoming story updates.

Yoshida also shared that there will be big changes made to the game, but didn’t reveal more than that. The next big developer update is expected to arrive in February, so players can expect a date announcement soon.

Following the launch of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, Square Enix released the first post-launch update, patch 6.01 which features a new series of quests that will lead players to a new raid called Pandaemonium, with the first part of the raid series being called Pandaemonium: Asphodelos.

Furthermore, patch 6.05 was released on January 4 which saw the addition of Pandaemonium: Asphodelos (Savage), a harder version of the previously released raid, as well as new obtainable gear for each Job.

6.05 also added ‘The Excitatron 6000’ – a “special instance” that’s accessed “after finding and opening treasure coffers obtained from kumbhiraskin treasure maps”. Visiting this instance will offer players a chance to “test their luck and obtain priceless treasures”. Meanwhile, new housing furniture was added, along with new items, recipes, mounts, minions, and more.

Elsewhere, according to Brandon Sanderson – the author of the high fantasy series, Mistborn – he was approached by Square Enix with the offer to write the lore for its upcoming title Forspoken. Sanderson said he declined “because I’d already just picked up a video game project that I still can’t even announce”.

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