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After launching almost three months ago, Amazon Game Studios MMO New World will finally be starting server merges this week. 

Server merges will take place on December 10 (tomorrow) at 7PM GMT (11AM PST) for both Central Europe and South America, according to an official blog post. For Central Europe, the Ishtakar, Metsola, Glitnir, Kalevala, Zu-Vendis and Phaeacia servers will merge into Caer Sidi, whilst the South American servers Tuma, Svarga, Rukh and Patala will merge into Irkalla.

“Once in game messaging is posted, which is estimated to be sent within the next 24 hours, players in these worlds will not be able to transfer servers,” reads the post. “They will see a banner at the bottom of their screen reminding them of this merge when they enter the game.”

New World screenshot
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

These merges are being done to combat “suboptimal” player experiences, and whilst the team doesn’t say it, this is more than likely to combat falling and/or low player numbers in a server. It also must be noted that once players in the above servers merge on December 10, they will not be able to transfer servers.

The New World subreddit has had constant requests from players to start server merging, so it looks as though Amazon Game Studios has finally gotten around to delivering on the request.

New World developers said back in November that, “When we are ready to take this technology to your worlds, there are a few things we look at in order to determine if the world is a candidate for merge, including but not limited to population size and overall engagement.”

In other news, the next Final Fantasy XIV update will add adjustments to the Ninja job, as with the launch of Endwalker the job hasn’t been working as intended.

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