NFT Doom

A recently released mod for classic FPS Doom II allows players to swap their gun for a camera and photograph NFTs.

More specifically, NFT Doom has the player taking photographs of the interchangeable Bored Ape NFTs (thanks, PCGamesN). Released December 15 on ModDB, the description says that “this mod goes hard! Screenshot it while you can.”

The mod does need to be used with gzdoom though, which is an advanced source port of Doom. Developed by Ultra.Boi, footage can also be found of the mod in a YouTube video, which has been embedded below (content warning: screen flash).

Every time a snap is taken of a Bored Ape, the player amasses more money, presumably because they’re “stealing” the worth of each of these NFTs, even though there are actually multiple copies of each Bored Ape present during gameplay.

Doom seems to always be in the public consciousness as players iterate on the game, and even a neuroscientist trained lab rats named after the game’s key creators to play it recently. Called John Romero, John Carmack and Tom Hall, the rats used a custom “VR for rats” rig that had them on a trackball in front of a curved monitor.

Whilst it might seem quite nefarious at first glance, the rat Doom experiment aims to use the research from following their motor functions and potentially apply that to progress with prosthetics or human-computer interfaces.

In other news, the Ubisoft Quartz NFTs for Ghost Recon Breakpoint is still proving unpopular, as it appears that only 15 of the over 2000 of them have been purchased. This means that less than one per cent of the minted in-game NFTs have been bought, with each looking identical save for a unique serial number imprinted on them, allowing them to be bought and sold individually.

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