Nicki Minaj has announced the upcoming launch of her very own record label as a Republic Records subsidiary.

The rapper broke the news during the latest episode of her Queen Radio show for Amazon Music’s AMP platform on March 3. While the rapper has yet to announce the name of the label, she teased several names on her roster. These include Nana Fofie, Tate Kobang, Rico Danna and London Hill.

Minaj said of her label, “When I get behind an artist, y’all know how I do shit for people that’s not even signed to me. Imagine what Imma do for the ones that’s signed”. The label will also branch out to include genres outside of rap, as Minaj explains: “Don’t think my label is just rap, or Black, or anything. We got some other genres of music.”

Nicki Minaj’s label – which is expected to have more details including its name announced via a formal announcement sometime soon – will see the rapper’s longtime friend and lyricist Patty Lauren serve in an A&R role.

Minaj shared during her radio show that she had been texting Republic Records’ co-president Wendy Goldstein during the show, who prompted Nicki to break the news. She said of how her initial conversations with Goldstein on the matter came about: “I said, ‘Wendy, we got to do this big. I’m a female; you a female, mamma. You got to do this right. We gotta do it right. I don’t want no little itty-bitty ting ting. I want to do it right’”.

Nicki Minaj most recently released a new single titled ‘Red Ruby Da Sleeze’ last week. Minaj has been teasing the long-awaited follow-up to her 2018 album ‘Queen’, with the rapper saying in November that a new record could be expected “soon”.

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