Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has admitted that he spent his childhood thinking he was an alien from another planet.

In a new interview with Rampstyle magazine, the actor said he was shocked to discover that he had “normal organs and a normal skeleton”.

“My father told me he felt like he had to introduce himself to me because I was such an alien,” he said.

“I was shocked the day I went to the doctor’s office as a child and I found out that I had normal organs and a normal skeleton, because I was certain I was from another planet.”

Cage said he also found it difficult to connect with other people, which led him to pursue a career in acting.

“When I saw David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth, I realised I needed to do something, so I became an actor,” he said.

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage played a version of himself in 2022’s ‘The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent’. CREDIT: Lionsgate

Earlier this year, Cage said he was hoping to have more comedic role in the future, adding that he’s particularly “curious” about musicals.

“One of the stars that I really admire from the Golden Age [of Hollywood] is Tony Curtis,” Cage told Rolling Stone in April. “I liked that he could do something like The Boston Strangler, but he could also do Some Like It Hot or Sweet Smell Of Success. He was this gifted talent that could do comedy and drama.

“Right now, I’m excited that the comedy is back on the menu. It hasn’t been there for, gosh, 15 years. That’s nice that I may have the opportunity to do more comedy. But I’ve never done a musical. That would be something that I would be curious about.”

The actor said he’s also keen to continue starring in indie dramas. “That’s my true passion, movies like Pig or Leaving Las Vegas or Joe,” Cage added. “Bringing Out The Dead – I saw that recently. I have to say that might be the best movie I ever made.”

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