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Earlier this month, Steve Lacy dropped his stellar 10-track album ‘Gemini Rights’, and it’s been receiving praise from all pockets of the world. Even Kanye West has called it a “beautiful album” and cited Lacy as “one of the most inspiring people on the planet”.

‘Sunshine’, which features Fousheé was a must-add to NME Radio this week, alongside new tracks from Channel Tres, Mabel, Lizzo and more.

Check out the rest of the new tracks on NME 1 and 2 below:

On the A List:

Steve Lacy

‘Sunshine (feat. Fousheé)’

“If I’m always gonna be there, then I might as well / I don’t know about you, but, ah, come on I still, I still love you,” Steve Lacy declares on ‘Sunshine’, a slow jam taken off new record ‘Gemini Rights’. The track features American singer-songwriter Fousheé, and culminates with a mesmerising guitar solo by The Internet guitarist.

The album received a four-star rating from NME’s Thomas Smith, who wrote: “While his solo music and work with The Internet have infiltrated the mainstream in more discreet ways, ‘Gemini Rights’, which feature his most direct compositions yet, will make the ‘cult artist’ tag surrounding Lacy increasingly redundant.”

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Channel Tres

‘Just Can’t Get Enough’

Compton’s multi-hyphenate artist Channel Tres’ newest track ‘Just Can’t Enough’ marks the first preview of his upcoming album. His easily recognisable baritone voice sonically floats through the track, while a pulsating beat and synthesiser melody carries the entirety of it. It’s an absolute heater.

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On the B List:



Mabel’s ‘Animal’, from the singer-songwriter’s second album ‘About Last Night…’ is everything you’d expect from a dance floor-ready track – throbbing drum beats, scaling synthesisers and a whole lot of groove.

In a four star album review by NME’s Hannah Mylrea, she wrote, “About Last Night…’ leaves you with your ears ringing, hooks stuck in your head and a healthy dose of dancefloor catharsis that’ll make you feel lighter – much like the jacket you forgot to collect from the cloakroom.”

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‘2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)’

The bouncy and lively track that is ‘2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)’ by Lizzo is everything a pop anthem should be. NME’s Nick Levine cements this in his four-star album review, describing the track as “a delirious future smash on which Lizzo capitalises on the post-’Blinding Lights’ flair for ‘80s pop sounds in the most Lizzo way imaginable: by sounding a bit like the Pointer Sisters.” Its catchiness ensues an earworm that’ll linger in your head for days.

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Blu DeTiger & Biig Piig

‘Crash Course’

Blu DeTiger has teamed up with Biig Piig for their new collaborative single, ‘Crash Course’. In a statement, the American singer-songwriter shared that: “it’s dirty bass, high energy, fun. We had the best time making this and I think that comes through when you listen to it.” And it does come through indeed, making for the perfect soundtrack to a blurry night out.

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‘The Art Of Advertising’

New York post-punk outfit BODEGA bring their latest single ‘The Art Of Advertising’ to life with melodic guitars, a driving bassline and lively drums . Lyrically, it focuses on how advertising is carried out now. Frontman Ben Hozie shared: “Today you can thumb through any magazine and find it hard to tell what is an ad and what is an article. All music videos (even the extraordinary ones) are essentially advertisements for their respective songs.”

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“Automatic / Pulling close to you / So magnetic I want you” goes the chorus on Porij’s brand-new single ‘Automatic’. Atmospheric synthesisers fill the air on this track, accompanied by an infectious bassline that’ll get your head bopping along with it – one listen isn’t enough for this number.

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On the C List:

Sam Fender


Sam Fender’s ‘Alright’ – which was previously released on this year’s Record Store Day on a seven inch vinyl – is now available on all digital streaming platforms for the first time. The singer-songwriter shared that “it was always a favourite of mine, and somehow didn’t make the record. It’s about growing up and the theme of cheating death.”

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Bonnie Kemplay


‘19’ is Bonnie Kemplay’s fourth single released thus far. The track starts off quiet and slow, before the guitars and drums featured on it explode in its culmination, as the singer-songwriter declares: “She didn’t wanna be 19 / Living in a time that’s so lonely / She says that she’s discovered a new light / When you say that you’re alright, please, mean it”

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‘Leader of the Pack’

Wunderhorse has previewed his forthcoming debut album ‘Cub’ with the new single, ‘Leader of the Pack’. Through a press release, he described that the track is “about not being able to escape the thing that eats away at you, it’s a song written as a means of getting even.” Raucous guitars coupled with Slater’s powerhouse vocals, ‘Leader of the Pack’ is catharsis at its finest.

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