Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he is in the process of recording an entirely acoustic album, which he says will be “for the fans”.

The former Oasis guitarist had previously suggested that he would be working on a new album early in the new year, but had not previously gone into detail about the material.

Speaking on Matt Morgan’s podcast (via Music News), he said: “I’m back in the studio – not rock, the acoustic stuff. I’m doing it for fans really.”

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher (Photo by Gus Stewart/Redferns)

“I’ve had to take all the electronic equipment out of the studio… because I’ve tried to make an acoustic album three times, and every time (I’ve used the electronics)… so it’s just acoustic instruments in the studio.”

Gallagher went on to say that he has completed six songs already, adding: “There’s a song called ‘God Help Us All’, which is an old song from 2005, so when I was still in Oasis, but I never recorded it.

“But there is a demo of it when a load of EPs came out. Then there’s one that was bootlegged called ‘Just Let It Come Down Over Me’, which is quite country. I’ll do that, but the rest of it is all new stuff. I’m looking forward to the challenge of seeing it through… as long as the melody and lyrics are good, it’s good.”

On New Year’s Eve, Gallagher dropped an emotive new demo track titled ‘In A Little While’, in a possible signal of what the upcoming acoustic album might sound like.

They say it’s over, well I don’t believe it/ They tell me it’s gone but that can’t be true/ And if it’s lost, well I’m gonna find it/ Turn me a page, let’s start anew,” he sings in the chorus. Listen to the song in full below.

Gallagher has a history of sharing a new song to bring in the new year, and on this occasion, he wrote: “Thought you might wanna hear this little piece which – like last year’s offering – sounds quite appropriate for this New Year’s Day.”

Speaking previously about his intent to record new music soon, he has said: “In the pandemic there was nothing to do all day so I just wrote songs. There’s another two albums-worth of material there. I think I’m going to be back in the studio in January, so we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Around the time of ‘Council Skies’ release, Gallagher also spoke to NME about the inspiration of the songs, and the approach he took towards writing the LP.

“I was in that headspace of going into the studio with nothing and seeing what happened,” he said.

“David Holmes [producer] unlocked that particular door for me and it was fucking great. With this album, if I hadn’t been isolated for all that time then maybe I’d have carried on with David. We always spoke of how we were going to do another record, the lockdown thing happened, he went off and did something else and I started writing at home.”

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